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Strong Thesis Statement Examples You Can Use Free

A thesis statement is an important part of academic and professional content writer. It is a concise, clear and direct reflection of the research question. It shows the purpose and problem of the content with a critical analysis approach. A strong thesis statement increases the weight of content, essay or speech. Thesis statement examples help you in analysing its purpose. It attracts the attention of the reader to keep engaged in the content. Students of science or arts need thesis statement examples for academic performance. When you are being given a topic ask yourself, what do you have to say about this? What value of information can it give to other readers? Students often find it complex to find the right statement in the content. There is often a confusion between the hook, introduction and thesis statement.

Thesis Statement Example:

The following thesis statement examples will give you the difference.

Introductory statement: Food has many beneficial elements

Hook statement: If you want to live a longer and healthy life, stick to natural foods.

Thesis statement: Natural foods have many beneficial components which maintain blood sugar and pressure.

The elements of a strong thesis statement are under mentioned. It will help you in building a strong and meaningful thesis statement.

  • A central claim of the thesis or content
  • Strong engagement with the reader
  • It must raise questions in the reader’s mind to look for in the content
  • Able to reflect the problem and solution under discussion
  • Logical claim
  • Able to answer the questions of why and how
  • Support the position of the researcher on the claim
  • Precise opinion with a critical analysis approach
  • It should be placed at the right place in content
  • It should give the reason to support the main idea of the title.

You should look into the thesis statement examples to make your statements appealing. It can help in argumentative, narrative and expository essay writings. The thesis statement examples in speeches and legal discourse do also help professionals. We can say looking at the examples is a good way to understand the elements of the matter. In case of any confusion, you can avail affordable essay writing services by The Academic Papers UK. This article provides some examples of thesis statements that you can use for free.

Building A Point Of View

It is often said that the reader’s perspective is important while writing something. A good thesis statement example does have a positive impact on the reader. It also develops a narrative in the reader’s mind. While choosing the words for the statement, keep in mind you are not only writing for yourself. The purpose of academic writing is to convey information and knowledge to the reader. Acknowledge the question of why the reader should be interested in your writing. A powerful thesis statement will make the reader excited about reading it further.

Good Vs. Bad Thesis Statement

A good thesis statement has a positive effect on teachers and good marks. It also makes the paper logical, simple, analytical, and clear. The simple words with dense information give a professional look to the essay. Let’s start with the metaphorical thesis statement examples.

“Europe is not a good state to travel for a middle-income person”. This is not a good statement. It does not address the question of why and how, as well as does not propose a logical claim. In order to make it a good thesis statement example, you need to answer the questions.

  • Why Europe is not a good state to travel
  • How does it affect the travel of a middle-income person
  • It needs more research to explain

Now let’s observe this statement

“European states have high living and food prices which require extra monetary sources for a middle-income person.”

In this statement, the questions are being addressed in terms of why and how. Europe is not a good state to travel to because of high prices. How can you manage it by extra sources?

Here are some more thesis statement examples:

“Everyone should consider exercising.”

It is a bad statement; it does not address why I should do so or how it can affect me.

“Americans should include exercise in daily routine to maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar.”

This statement is good since it is answering every question and claiming a strong supportive argument.

Another thesis statement example is:

“Internet has changed the lives of many people.”

“How has it changed?”

“Internet technology has increased access to the sources of information for students and professionals alike.”

It does answer the importance in a better way. Thus, you can make a good thesis statement by using these examples.

Thesis Statement Examples

If someone is writing an argumentative essay on gun violence with a cause-and-effect method, it might have an analytical approach to it. The topic can be ‘gun violence is a trigger to criminalization’. The essay will argue about the cause of gun violence because of easy licensing, frustration among masses and low literacy rate. The effects of gun violence are the criminalization of the community, fear among the masses and an ineffective justice system.

Thus, it will help in making a strong thesis statement. You have now identified the elements of the thesis statement example and put it into words.

“Gun violence is a cause of the leniency of measures in the legal and social sector leading to ineffective community development. Strong and efficient policy measures are required in the legal, educational and social sectors”.

Another thesis statement example can be a cumulative thesis statement of an argumentative essay.

“The role of social groups in human capital development is a key to the economic prosperity of the state.”

These examples will make you understand the basic elements of a thesis statement.


In conclusion, thesis statement examples are a good way to understand its elements. It should have supportive, critical and clear language. A high level engagement with the reader’s interest and understanding is also important.

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