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Free Psychiatric Nursing Research Topics

Psychiatric nursing is the sub-field of nursing which deals with the study of psychiatric mental health. The psychiatric nurses provide care services to patients dealing with psychiatric mental health problems. The psychiatric mental health courses are now offered at the master and doctoral levels as well. Nurses having the doctoral degree in psychiatric mental health are considered as the doctor of nursing practices. Like all other fields of study, valuable researches are also conducted in the field of psychiatric nursing. There are six sub-fields of specialization courses in psychiatric nursing

  1. Addiction Medicine
  2. Forensic Psychiatry
  3. Military
  4. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
  5. Geriatric Psychiatry
  6. Psychosomatic Medicine

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  1. A study to evaluate the anxiety level among cardiac patients
  2. A Study on nursing evaluation of heap of mates of patients determined to have schizophrenia going through treatment
  3. A Study to survey the impact of the organized instructing program concerning mental impediment on Knowledge and Attitude among moms of intellectually hindered kids
  4. A Study to survey the degree of misery among heavy drinkers by utilizing beck discouragement stock
  5. A Study to evaluate the degree of discouragement among HIV-contaminated patients by utilizing beck gloom stock.
  6. A Study to evaluate the degree of sorrow among ladies who were going to a chose Infertility Clinic.
  7. A Study to Evaluate the degree of stress among wedded and unmarried working ladies medical caretakers
  8. A Study to survey the degree of stress among medical attendants working inactivity
  9. A Study to Evaluate the degree of stress and adapting among penniless ladies
  10. A Study to survey the degree of prosperity among organized and non-regulated older
  11. A Study to Evaluate the Quality of life of patients with HIV disease and its relationship to family uphold
  12. A Study to analyze the degree of misery among older people in old age homes.
  13. A Study to decide the Knowledge and disposition of guardians of mental in-patients in regards to dysfunctional behavior in chose mental focuses.
  14. A Study to decide the predominance and components impacting hostile to social conduct among youths in expressions and science universities.
  15. A Study to assess the impact of the educational booklet on Knowledge and tension level among relatives of the patients going through Electro Convulsive
  16. A Study to assess the viability of the arranged showing program on the information on tobacco and Health among Adolescents in chose Engineering school
  17. Evaluation of emotional wellness qualities of late young adult age bunch populace.
  18. Evaluation of connection between family association and issues looked at by psychotic customers.
  19. Appraisal of the Mental Health information practices of multipurpose wellbeing laborers and their apparent requirement for Community Mental Health Services in Primary Health places
  20. Evaluation of the enlightening requirements on Schizophrenia and the degree of inclusion among the critical relatives being taken care of by their Schizophrenic customers
  21. Evaluation of the degree of mindfulness on issues of medication reliance among students
  22. Evaluation of Various elements adding to the mental prosperity of mechanical specialists
  23. Relative study to evaluate the pressure and adapting procedures of Nurses who are working in General wards and Psychiatric wards
  24. Near study of the Psychological issues among Adolescent Boys and Girls in Higher Secondary Schools
  25. A similar study on the Wellbeing among Elderly couples living in the Joint Family
  26. Examination of the Stress and Coping procedures among the guardians of kids with Mental Retardation
  27. Study on Psychosocial issues looked by old living in their own homes
  28. Study to survey the Knowledge of teachers concerning Mental medical issues identified with changes of youths and Teachers job insight in the advancement of Mental Health
  29. Study to survey the Parental demeanor towards their Mentally Retarded Child going to a school
  30. Study to analyze the Adjustment issues and their adapting methodologies of the Adolescents in the home with young people living in shelters
  31. Study to decide the viability of consolidated interventional methodology in lessening the tension of patients going through a heart catheterization
  32. Study to decide the adequacy of advising in lessening the psycho-social issues Experiences by HIV-positive patients.
  33. Study to decide the level and the impacting elements of discouragement between old People who live in mature age homes and who live in families
  34. Study to decide the degree of Family Burden of Family individuals from Schizophrenic Patients
  35. Study to decide the pervasiveness and Variables related with Dyslexia among School Children

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