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Challenges for Education Sector

Education has always been the center of attention by political as well as human rights groups. As it is considered to be the basic right of every man, woman, and child, governments work hard to ensure they educate as much of their population as possible and put in efforts to increase the literacy rate of their nation.

Told by experts of coursework writing services, like other nations, the education sector in Singapore is also facing some serious challenges these days and this is affecting the learning and developing process to a large extent.  At the Teachers Day Rally last September, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong outlined the challenges to the education system and a key imperative was National Education. Many Singaporeans, especially pupils and the younger generation do not know much about the recent history of the country. They do know have an idea of how Singapore became an independent nation, how it triumphed against long odds, or how today’s peaceful and prosperous Singapore came about.

According to the prime minister, this ignorance will not help the nation and it is posing several challenges that will prevent the nation from bonding together as one and survive in this certain world. This is certainly true as the education system is changing very rapidly and it is only when the teachers and parents will work together for students’ success in learning rather than results that a positive change will be observed. These days, obsession over academic results has made the new generation uninterested in learning as all they hear about is achieving excellence while no one is bothered about what they are getting to know. This article discusses the 5 key challenges that are being faced by the education sector in Singapore and how they can be dealt with the right way.

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Overemphasis On Grades:

Students these days are always being stressed to work hard; while working hard and wanting to do well in exams is not a bad thing but over-emphasis over wanting perfect grades all the time becomes the issue in the long run. When they are pressurized too much, students lose the will to learn and do something good in their life. If the curiosity and love for learning are suppressed when they are young, it is hard to rekindle it once the formal school begins and this way. By obsessing over perfect grades, parents are turning the education system into a battlefield that is affecting their children’s development.

Parents’ Fixation With Future:

These days parents are fixed with their children’s education and future; they try to control things to such an extent that the children’s wishes and wants are ignored and they make decisions for them according to the money they have. The education is shaped according to the wishes and opportunities that can be afforded by their parents. This is restricting social mobility and depriving those with lesser resources and networking. Parents try to make sure that their children have a bright future in Singapore, regardless of what happens to others.

Obsession With Top Schools:

Parents these days are obsessed with placing their children in the top schools. While there is no guarantee that students who are taught in the best school will come out brilliant or do well in the future but parents think differently. They believe that in doing the best for their children, they will ensure good outcomes for them. Parents need to understand that no matter how much they push their children, it is necessary to put them in schools that support their talents and styles and help them achieve their goals.

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 Physical Segregation:

The system of segregating the children into schools based on their abilities, caste, or background is another challenge that is affecting the education sector in Singapore. It is only with equal rights and empathy that challenges can be dealt with most efficient and better relationships can be developed among the youth.

Tuition Culture:

This is another challenge that is creating a breach in the education system among affluent people and those who are not. Parents with good income can afford to send their children to tuition and ensure they get the best academic support and assistance while students whose parents do not have the money are left to struggle. Unless this tuition culture is not controlled, it will not be able to create equality in education for all. These challenges pose a serious threat to the education sector in Singapore and to help students develop a love for learning and take them forward in the right direction, coming up with practical solutions is very important.

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