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Plagiarism is Bad Thing

Plagiarism is all about using the words or ideas that have been expressed by others and passing them off as your own. It would not be wrong to call plagiarism a type of intellectual theft where you steal the ideas, concepts, and theories presented by others before you. Many do not understand the plagiarism of content and how it could be in any form; from deliberate cheating to accidentally copying from a source without acknowledgement. No matter how you use the words or ideas that originally belong to someone else, you must give them credit with help of dissertation editing services, or it will be considered theft, and it is a bad thing when it comes to education.

As a college student, it is quite necessary for you to especially learn what plagiarism is and what form it can take as you will be repeatedly warned against plagiarizing in your assignment. Only knowing what it is, why it is considered so bad, and how to stay away from it will help you avoid problems. You must first understand how it happens and develop strong and effective academic skills that will make you see where you might end up in murky waters. Many students whose college assignments are found to be plagiarism are unaware of how they end up doing it, plus they lack the right academic skills to avoid over-reliance on the work of others. Thus, it is necessary to take every opportunity to develop your research and writing skills and work the right way to avoid trouble.

Knowing all about plagiarism and why it is so bad is very important. While you are expected to research and refer to experts and authorities on the subject, you are also expected to produce original work that shows your skills, abilities, and thought process.  Teachers assign these assignment writing tasks to students in their college as they want the students to be clear about their ideas and see how the work of other scholars have influenced their understanding and developed their critical thinking and analytical skills. All assignments require understanding, research, and using previous research to some degree, but it does not mean you should copy them down as it is and present it as their own.

Thus, to avoid plagiarism, you must learn about referencing and doing it the right way to give credit to the sources you have used. Acknowledging the sources you are using in your work will show your contribution to the assignment, and the teacher will be able to see how well you have understood the concepts.  Being a part of the academic community, you must abide by the rules and ethical practices. It is this tradition of acknowledging sources in the form of in-text citations or footnotes that distinguishes academic writing from other forms of writing and saves your assignment from being plagiarized. Plagiarism is bad mainly due to these three reasons:

It is unethical because it is a form of stealing; you are taking the ideas and words that belong to someone else and present them as their own, which is very bad. It is bad because you are getting appreciation or good grades for something that you have not even done; you are not the one responsible for the hard work and efforts that have gone behind the research, and this is morally wrong.

It is not right to get a degree based on a plagiarized assignment; a degree is a testament to the abilities and knowledge you have by working hard and making efforts to gain them all; when you have not worked hard for something, how you can get a degree for it. If you are getting a degree by plagiarism, you are a risk to others as well as yourself; you will get the piece of paper but not the knowledge, understanding, critical thinking, and analytical powers that come with it.  It is unfair and fraudulent, too, which makes it so bad.

Also, when you are caught with plagiarism, you can suffer consequences that include an automatic zero on the assignment in question or rejection of the paper, sometimes even a zero for the course as academic theft and dishonesty is considered direct violation disrespect of the academic process. Students must understand the significance of taking their education and assignments seriously and work hard to succeed with their hard work and labor. They must understand how plagiarism can be bad for their successful college life, and one wrong move could destroy their reputation or even career and result in legal repercussions in severe cases.

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